Wednesday 5 June 2013

SL10B : Looking Forward

Hello people!

This will be quick one, I promise!

I'm finally home for the holidays and I could play SL for longer time. Sadly, my own computer is not strong enough for landscape photos so you'll be seeing a lot of meme probably and crappy self-shot. It's the very best I could do....
But, I'll try my best in updating you guy with the latest news about stuffs and all. Plus, I wanted to complete the 30 posts challenge with my best and so please bear with me! >.<

So Linden's Shop had released SL10B shirts in old style and mesh. I'm wearing mesh. They also released SL10B caps which is waaay bigger than my head and that's why I'm just holding it. 
You could wear the shirts with the SLB bear if you are interested to try out. I bet it will be fun! Go get the free exclusive items here at the Shopkeeper Linden's Shop and get partying! 

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