Monday 10 June 2013

Carnival of Chaos

Many people don’t take heed of the dark side of things, even when they already encounter it.

Take the Summer Beach Party sale of instance; I was walking around picking up items that I like when I came across a fallen drunk woman at corner. I wanted to take a closer look and I stumbled to a horror carnival. 

The Carnival of Chaos.

"Into the mouth you go~"

"Merry, merry of death"

"I love Harley Quinn!"
"This guy got a mace behind me,:
"No carnival is complete without a ferris wheel,"
"Hey, you there! You're hanging to far!"
I know I missed one day! There was a huge downpour in my state that lasted more than a day and it kinda drowned the underground cable. Heck, my house phone is still beeping weirdly! I couldn't access the net for almost 2 days! D: I'm gonna make it up by doing a double post today. See you in the next post later! 

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