Sunday 28 April 2013

Abigail Princess

Hello people~
It's really unfortunate that I can only be online during weekends, but I has been exploring my inventory and finally had a little time to spend at the Fantasy Faire. How sad that the great Faire will end very soon. I will blog the style later. Right now I'll a dress which I picked up from the marketplace. Draconis Kiss had closed down the store but I haven't check the inworld just yet. Anyways, below is the Abigail Lolita... there is also a black version called Hana Lolita which I will again later blog it.
Sorry for my late post, but enjoy~

Gown @ Abigail Lolita (Store no longer open)
Shoes @ Blackburns Neo-Victorian Gothis Bow Boots
Skin @ Tuty's Gothic Skin Candid
Hair @ Received in a freebie box from a friend
Gloves, Bracelet, Choker @ L&B Gothic Lolita Dress Set
Place @ Magnificat (I now officially fell in love with this place)

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