Wednesday 24 July 2013

Under the Full Moon of Ramadhan

In my place, 15th of Ramadhan has just gone by. And the night of full is especially my favorite. It's so mysterious that those 3 full moon night, there barely much stars around but only the moonlight shining.

Even tough I'm not the best example as a Muslim girl, I intend to make the most of these once every year occasion that is very special. The best thing is, in my country, Ramadhan has become a national event where even non-Muslim are looking forward to it. Mainly since when it almost time for breaking fast, a few hours before that, there always be some bazaar or mini-fest of foods to buy for your dinner. These fest are literally everywhere as long as there are crowd and some of the foods are only available during Ramadhan and I think that what makes it special.

I love it so much when communities understand each other and help out when ever they can in such events. I enjoy walking to the bazaar near my hostel with my friends, Muslims and non. I love the variety of foods available and the fun that we have when we gobble up the foods at night. College life is not fun without friends.

On that note, I shall proceed to finish the rest of the month with thoughts of my friends and you all readers to have wonderful and prosperous month ahead.

Bandana @ Hair Fair Bandana Day 2013 - {Zaraa} jeweled "black"
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Anna (Her&Him event)
Outfit @ Ikshu: Altai Maiden Outfit - Onyx
Choker @ by Nacht - Grater Collar (WGF gatcha)

Location @ World's End Garden

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