Thursday 21 November 2013

Reunion with Rockabilly Love

November 20th, 

Dear Diary

So it was after school and I'm looking out the window thinking for the first time you deployed for battle. It was the summer break after our last year of high school, you were to be deployed exactly one week after the release of high school.

 When you left it was the first time I had ever felt alone. So I became a teacher, that way I'd never be alone, I'd be surround by smiling faces of the children each day and each day brought me joy. Soon enough our rebellious friends grew old enough and got decent jobs as well, so our rebellious gang split up.

Four years later after a long stressful day at work, I come home expecting to feed my very lazy cats only to find out that my sister was there at the door waiting to surprise me with open arms and the same smile she shown as the day she deployed. After tears and hugs, we joined inside for a smoke and to reminisce on our old rockabilly days, where we both are today and what plans we'd have for our futures. 

We decided to live out our memories and dress like we did when we were young and we visited the same diner we always did on Saturday's with the gang. It was good to see each other, it was good to fill the void in the lonely teacher's heart. It was good, to live again.

I finally had time to blog in between my study time and I wanted to blog about the Rockabilly Fashion Fair with my lovely sister! We spent a lot of time at this fair and absolutely lovin' the retro items available! My sister is especially excited and quite an expert on the style as well. The story and styling is made by her and had much fun exploring our inner Rockabilly! The Fair will close by the 23rd of November so hurry up and have a retro trip at the sim! Credits are below and hope to see you dollz again~ <3

My Styling
Hair @ Calico - Desiree
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Peggy [Rockabilly Fair special]
Eyes @ Clemmm - Fog White
Navy outfit @ Goth1co - Rockabilly Military Dress red
Pump @ Demotik - Mesh Peeptoe Heel
Place @ Yamato Memorial

#2nd style
Hair @ Little Bones - Temptation [Group gift]
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Peggy [Rockabilly Fair special]
Lipstick @ {Tilly} Red lipstick
Bra, short @ [LF] - Cute Pinup High Waist Shorts red
Jacket @ JStyle - Black Jacket 
Pump @ Demotik - Mesh Peeptoe Heel

Sis Styling
Hair @ Little Bones - Temptation [Rosewood]
Skin @ Pink Fuel - caramel
Eyes - Choco sweety eyes
Lipstick @ Pink Fuel - Harley Lipstick [Rose]
Cardigan @ Goth1co - Red Polka Dot Cardigan
Shirt @ /artilleri/ - Lajla Lurex Sweater [cream]
Skirt @ DRBC - Noir Pencil Skirt
Shoes @ Maitreya - Group gift Pump
Place @ Korean Community Sim

#2nd style
Hair @ /artilleri/ - Trixie hair [chili]
Skin @ Pink Fuel - caramel
Earring @ Dice earring
Shirt @ [:: JesyDream ::] - Knotted Shirt
Pants @ OSITO - Capri Pants 
Shoes @ Maitreya - Group gift pump

Twin's wear 
Tattoo @ {micelets} - Vintage mice tattoo [MP giftie]

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