Saturday 23 November 2013

The Resurrected +RMK+

+RMK+ Gothic has been awaken from its slumber! Behold the new and fresh look of the sim!

The sim was closed for renovation and now open to public! The designers who are tenant of +RMK+ also been generous to provide re-opening gifts of sorts! The sim is now divided into 4 parts with each unique theme. Since the sim has been one of my fave sim of all time, I went there and had a short tour by Dev (blogger of Bishie Style SL as well as the +RMK+ blog). He was really kind and patient to guide me throughout the sim and points out some of the buildings that are created with storyline behind it. I'm very intrigued the stories and being very much inspired from it. Some of the characters are actually the same ghosts during the +RMK+ Halloween Game.

You guys will soon see what I have in store with the interesting stories! +RMK+ Gothic also hosting a photo contest which you can see the info here. I will also participating along as well. You guys can check out more pic at the +RMK+ Photo Contest Flickr. Below are the pictures that I've taken so far. Raw and unedited so you guys can see the pretty darkness of the sim. Enjoy! 

Of course, I just couldn't resist to add a small story to it!

Maria has been a chocolate-maker of the delicious Cadbury Cocoa for quite a while. Winter is coming closer and the wind is becoming more crisp and cold. Soon she need to make the special winter chocolate to be sold at the shop. For that she must venture out to get the special ingredients. Around the +RMK+ Gothic where anything is not what you expect it.

If you love my outfit, it is a Cadbury Girl outfit in which you have to join the +RMK+ group and then tp to the shop, click at the huge poster at the back of the store and get it! Even though I'm not into pink much but I really like dress style, lot's of frills which I love in Lolita fashion. I wish there would be more meshy Lolita dresses in SL. Or it's just perhaps that my searching skill is noob. You can see more re-opening gifts from Dev's awesome blog as well! See you again my dollz! 

"The TP clock post"
Outfit @ RokumeikaN - Cadbury Girl outfit
Monocle @ Air - re-opening gift
Hair @ Truth - Ebony
Skin @ My Ugly Dorothy - Freebie skin at Korean Community Sim
Armwarmer @ .la petite morte. 
Booties @ Warm brown bootie 

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