Saturday 19 October 2013

Horrorfest - Virus Taste

There was a strange plague swept the town. Reports of strange mutation happens to people being infected by it gripped the town folks in fear. Why? They should embrace what nature has in store for them. The mutation is nothing more than just how nature bracing us for what to come. How could they not understand that? I embraced it. I felt the changes within me. The only thing that was visible to see was that my eyes changed to apple green. It was nothing, rather I liked it. I always wanted to have such eye color. 

Then a big outbreak came. A strange secret experiment in which the government tried to use the plague to create a strong unbreakable army. To bad, the virus broke loose before they could do anything. Now this is my favorite part. In which the human are wrong and Mother Nature proved to be right as always. The virus does not infect people who previously mutated by the plague. I was delighted to see as the streets are empty and I could walk down the road happily as I struck another zombie lifeless. 

Now this would be a fun day.

I actually finished this post hours ago but then it started raining and my internet just went 'goodbye I'll be having a vacation right now'. For almost 12 hours..... I raged like crazy. But as always singing and rocking out musics helps out a lot. And now... enough of my babbling, I hoped you guys been visiting Horrorfest. I loved the sim a lot! I promised I will show in the next post. I tried to create a phycobilly style in which fusion of phyco-ness and rockability. As to what my friend said. I love very much really. Credits are below and I hope you dolls enjoyed my post this time. Until then!

Available exclusively at Horrorfest
Choker @ ->-ISD - Death's Grip Choker - Death 
Necklace @ DRD - Skeleton hands necklace
Earring @ ->-ISD - Death's Grip Earring - Blood
Dress @ DRBC - Nettie Dress

Hair @ Truth - Naomi
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - MadPea Hunt reward
Eyes @ Dead Apple - Sinister Lifeless Vamp
Lips @ Sn@tch - Underworld MakeUp (Blood Lips)
Tatoo @ {micelets} - vintage mice tattoo (MP gift)
Shoes @ DRD - Lolita pumps

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