Thursday 24 October 2013

Tricking Hour

Look! Up in the sky! What is that? A giant bird? No it's, it's Tricker Witch Aarya!


Oh ugh. This is embarrassing. Just a sec as I safely command this broomstick to PUT ME DOWN! 

(click here for raw)

Ah there I am. Safely on ground level. I'll have my broom insurance to get me a new one. With the latest style of course. Oh why is everyone scampering away? I have yet to show my new tricks! It's Halloween! Oh well I'l just have fun with Morgana! Which town shall we trick? Which human shall we cast mishap? I wonder who will be written in my scroll of unfortunates? *giggles* We will gonna have so much fun, Morgana!

Hello! I'm having a little break since the semester exam is around the corner and I need to do best in studying stuffs. Ok this time I'm featuring a Tim Burton-inspired outfit by one of my sponsors, Love & Blood. Includes everything shown except for the pumpkin on the hat, it's from ~by Snow~ 's Apple Bobbing prize. And also the green underlayer socks is made by my friend when he thought it would compliment the outfit as well. I think I look like an awesome witch! Credits below and hope you dollz will look forward for my next Horrofest post!

Hair @ ~by Snow~ - Clowny Hair (Trick or Treat) 
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Greed for SYS project
Eyes @ ~by Snow~ - Feline eyes
Make up @ Sn@tch - Grape Crush (Wild Tattoo MakeUp)
Hat, Corset, Tutu, Garter, Broom, Candy piercings @ Love & Blood - Tim Burton inspired Witch outfit
Choker @ Sn@tch - Spoiled Leather Collar
Boots @ Battle Fairy - Vanya Sulie Knee High Red Boots
Chest Tattoo @ Corvus - 28 Tattoo
Pumpkin on Hat @ ~by Snow~ - Pumpkin Deely Booper
Morgana @ Skull from SL10 Birthday event

Location @ Horrorfest Forest 


  1. Hahaha You made me laugh. Klutz Witch, run for your lives!!! XD

    1. Hehe glad that crack you up! Klutz is pretty much my middle name as well as my mom calls me! xD So Dev, run for you life if you don't my kltziness to cast upon you! xDD