Thursday 31 October 2013

Horrorfest : The Underworld Sorceress

Her time has come... once more to terrorize the upper world. Nearly 800 years has passed since she last walk through the Hell's Gate. The last time she was on the surface, she brought the Black Death across Europe, cursing a few tyrants an eternal life of a ghost when their soul is too pure to be presented to the King, killing thousands of people just to serve as a favorite soul snack for Underworld King. This time, she came back with a dark mission. Conquering the ghost realm. Humans think realms other than Heaven and Hell doesn't exist. How wrong they are.

Stepping through the Hell's Gate with the light of the Grief Messenger and her gleeful raven perched on her clawed manicured hand, she reached the Haunted Place, feared by many humans and the main home of the ghosts that roam the surface. Her smile was sinister and cold. She intends to make conquering a quick work. After all, the ghosts could never beat her, not even close to touching her. She was The Sorceress of Death, feared as the right hand of the King himself. Her raven flew, starting to signal the surface what great darkness would soon engulf.

She chants ever so slowly, savoring the moment before it becomes a too-quick work. But then she opened her eyes to an intruder. A very familiar intruder. The ghost rider, on a gorey-looking horse, faced fiercely towards her, with his dead eyes fully focused at the sorceress. His sword in hand poised into deadly intention. The Sorceress scuffed, ceasing her chanting to entertain herself for a mere battle with a ghost warrior.

But it was no ordinary warrior, he was one great warrior during his Medieval life, when she cursed him into eternal ghost life just so she thought he would enjoy to see his kingdom crumbles before him as he couldn't do anything. It was a long battle and The Sorceress refused to fall back but an unexpected kick literally sent her back to Hell's Gate and she swore to come back to surface to complete her mission. Even it will take another 1000 years.

This huge-awesome-project post that came up when I was dressing up my next Horrorfest outfit. I usually have these moments where me and Dev call as 'The Darkest Hours' which is when we wear something and have absolutely NO IDEA of what we're doing. Literally. At first I was thinking of a modern-ish witchy outfit. But then when I visit Dev and lovely Fulli in her horse avatar, we all had the brightest light-bulb clicked in. We could even hear the sound in our heads when we talked about the story behind post! xD In the place where we took pictures, in which I found from Miss Berry's recent blog post, it was heavily scripted and led to many internal raging (to me, that is) crashes. But we managed and here we present it to you guys! Check out his awesome blog for the ghost warrior POV of the Phototelling.

I'm wearing a gorgeous one-piece suit from ~ImmateriA~, it's meshy and comes with 5 sizes. I really love the texturing on the bones and it gotz ze materials! I couldn't decide about the headdress until I pair Paper Moon's Sister Deer and Alice Project's hair. It was perfect! Being a sorceress is about getting everyone's attention, and that's why the Rare eyeshadow from The Stringer Mausoleum as well as the Mutant Creature eye just fits together like a puzzle piece. The ghost warrior and his ride styles can be found at the Bishie Style SL blog by Dev and do check him out since he blogs about many kinds of men clothing that I'm sure my guy dollz would love! For now we depart until the next post!

My Styling, The Sorceress
Available exclusively at Horrorfest
Body Suit @ ~v~ImmateriA~v~ - Vampir Nacht 
HeadDress @ Paper Moon - Sisters of the Moon (Sister Deer)
Lashes @ The Stringer Mausoleum - The Great Patch [Eye Decor] (Rotten}
Eyeshadow @ The Stringer Mausoleum - Fashion Monster Makeup [Rare] 
Eyes @ The Stringer Mausoleum - Mutant Creature Eyes (Void Salamander)
Raven, Spider props @ Uncertain Smile - Sorceress Poses
Hands, Feet @ Ali's - Sinner's Pack
Hair @ Alice Project - Ivy [Masscare Project]

Dev Styling, Ghost Warrior

Fulli Styling, Ghost Horse
See : Bishie Style SL

Big thank you to Dev and Fulli for putting up with my crashing and all! THANK YOU!!!!!!!