Sunday 27 October 2013

Horrorfest - Faceless Black Swan

She had huge talent. One could easily see that she had a bright future as a beautiful ballerina. She was a cheerful child that enjoyed what she loved. But of course, jealousy has her own way of destroying one's life. Her own best childhood friend threw acid at her face. The face that previously smiled so brightly, now covered with bandages. She refused to step out from her coven. Crying endlessly as her 'friend' eagerly took her place as the Black Swan that she worked so hard to get. 

The curtains lifted. The crowd awaits for rumored 'the next great ballerina' to dance. The Black Swan swirled her way onto stage, inwardly proud of her so called 'hard work' of getting the exclusive part. Oh she will know how sweet revenge would be. She danced with a dark illusion as the audience gasped when another masked Black Swan twirled through the dancers effortlessly. Towards the delusional Black Swan, she danced a routine that she created herself just for the part that was ripped away from her. 

Finally noticing the masked intruder, the Black Swan ceased her dance and immediately recognized the masker, her feet quickly gathered to run away. The masked dancer continued her deadly dance, following the fake Black Swan and jump in between her way out. She twirled into her signature spin, with each swing of the leg pushing the Black Swan back into stage. Finishing her spin, she thrust a hidden poisoned blade to the Black Swan. 

The crowd gasps, the Black Swan fell onto her own pool of blood. The masked black dancer resumed her dance around her body, not caring of the blood. A dark victory dance, so hypnotizing that captivate the audience. She then disappeared, rumor told that she went to a dark mystical forest and continue her dance of sorrow. No one knows for sure, but the people who watched her final dance would say that she will still live in their memories. Her dark dance that seems to tell her sorrow story.

Hello again! Sorry if that was a really long story. I really love ballet dance and enjoyed watching the videos of it. Even though I can't become a ballerina, sure as hell I can be a Black Swan in SL! Hahaha! The outfit is by *LOULOU&CO* gave me the idea, it is sold in 2 versions, clean and bloody. I then pair it with the super elegant laced neck corset. There are several other styles of the neck corset that you choose, sold by ~*S.E*~ It's very lovely and I love how it compliments the dress as well. The mask I'm wearing is from [ContraptioN], The Cannibals mask that has a few other versions, it is able to be textured in clean or bloody by a click of a menu! The masks could be worn on the face and include with a rez version if you wan to use the mask as a house decoration. Lastly, I wore one of Paper Moon's headdress collection, Sister Crow, that completes my awesome Black Swan~ Credits below and I hope you dollz are enjoying my Horrorfest post because there will definitely more coming soon! Until next time!

Exclusively available at Horrorfest
Dress @ *LOULOUCO* - Ginger Skull and Blood
Neck Corset @ ~*S.E*~ - Elegant Throat Corset
Mask @ [ContraptioN] - The Cannibals (broken and bloody)
Headdress @ Paper Moon - Sisters of the Moon (Sister Crow)

My Styling
Hair @ Dura - Naomi
Skin @ Jomo - Halloween skin gift
Earring @ Chaos, Panic, Disorder - The Widow set
Bloody leg @ Dead Apple - Blood stain
Shoe @ BareRose - BlackCat sim shop gift

Pose @ Feel the Music Ballet and Dance pose
Location @ +RMK+ forest