Thursday 10 March 2016

MultiVerse Secret

Receiving data_75% Complete

Reconstructing Universe_Extracting Data_26% Complete 

13768/18539 Files ReArranged

Teleporting User_Received

Booting Stasis Status_Obtaining Password ********

Checking User's Brain Wave_No Treats

Continue Stasis_Confirm

Hey there dollz! I hope the story is self-explanatory since I working on tight schedule with rl. However I do hope you guys like it. I wearing Soul's Emma skin for MultiVerse that comes with this cute sci-fi tattoo across the nose, also available in male version too! I also paired with Soul's Oculus Cypher Eyes in Blue. The Rust Tears by VON is tinted in white and blue to maintain the good side color scheme. Yes, there will be a bad guy coming muahahahhahaha. The headphone by Bliesen+Maitai can be worn with just the ear piece and available 3 metal, gold, silver and black. Not to forget, Xi3 earring by OXIDE is animated in a few more sci-fi colors. The Pod and futuristic computer you see in the picture are RARE from BluPrintz's Humanity's Ark gacha. More credits and I do hope you cyber dollz have visited the MultiVerse sim, it's so pretty and futuristic! See you dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Skin @ .:Soul:. - Emma Cypher V1 [Available in MultiVerse] *new
Hair @ Alice Project - Quintessa
Eyes @ .:Soul:. - Oculus Cypher Blue [Available in MultiVerse*new
Eyeliner @ [ni.ju] - Hime-yu
Tears @ VON - Rust Tears 6 tintable + Rust Tears 2 tintable [Available in MultiVerse*new
Lips @ The Sugar Garden - Lip Tinte Ombre 1
Nails @ Koffin Nails - Future Tech [Available in MultiVerse*new

Headwear @ Bliensen + Maitai - Sound of the Universe [Available in MultiVerse*new
Earring @ OXIDE - Xi3 Earring WhiteBlue [Available in MultiVerse*new
Outfit @ r2 - A/D/E Uruwa Blue
Shoes @ REIGN - Empire Plats White

Pod @ BluPrintz - Stasis Pod RARE [Available in MultiVerse*new
Computer @ BluPrintz @ Ark Computer RARE [Available in MultiVerse*new
Skybox @ Isil - Lunar Habitat *group gift

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