Wednesday 10 December 2014

Alice High School - Clumsy Cheshire

In Alice High School, there is this one person... well a being, that always make mischief. Reports of students hearing maniac snicker, floating grinning teeth, the feeling of being watched. However, since most of these reports are dismissed as hallucination of sleepy students at night. Hearing this, the ever so shy Cheshire tries her best to actually communicate with them. 

She tried to help the Magic Club with their summoning project but instead almost created a black-hole in the middle of Alice High! She even tried to help rearranging the book in the Great Library, but somehow she slipped with her magic and all the books fall off from the shelves, making a super huge mess of book mountains. Cheshire poof-ed away before Ms Cat Terpillar arrives. Oh, well perhaps tomorrow she could help someone~

Meow to all dollz! I've been wanting to make Cheshire-inspired post and now I did it! i do try my best incorporating the pink in my style. My first idea was to make Cheshire as a geek student but bah being a mysterious clumsy student charms more. The portrait in the picture is again, from the last Down The Rabbit Hole event. But you guys can still play to get this RARE A little Mad. This awesome Cheshire tails is by =Kio= for Relay for Life event which has ended. Credits are below and I hoped you enjoyed the Alice High School series, dollz~


Hair @ LCKY - Hebiko [past Femboy hunt gift]
Skin @ antielle - Blossom skin F [group gift]
Face tattoo @ .aii. The Ugly and Beautiful - + Tintable kitty paint +
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Feline Eyes V2 yellow
Eyeliner @ The Horror! - Bathory 3
Ears @ ALTAIR* - Feline Familiar
Neck @ ALTAIR* - Hime Collar + zZz Neko Necklace
Dress @ {Kita's Sideshow} - Diesha Outfit Pastel Lavender
Socks @ edge grafica - over knee sock pink
Boots @ *katat0nik* - (tux1) Toy Boots [current Arcade]
Thigh @ !The Little Bat - Kitty Leg Band [past WGF gacha]
Armwarmer @ Gerymoon - Corsetted Paisley Armwarmer
Bag @ ALTAIR* - qt backpack ~cats~ [Geeks n Nerds]
Tails @ =Kio= - Fluffy Fuq Tail Chechire RFL
Fingertips @ [KOOQLA] - Ghost fingers

On head + signpost @ ALTAIR* - kitty companion [Winter Trend 2014]
Cats @ Geek - Cheshire cat [OneWord Wonderland]
Portrait @ [ freebird ] - A little Mad RARE 
Signpost @ Urban Spirit - Beware of the Neko
Flying papers @ -Pixitcat- part of Spellbook set

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