Sunday 28 February 2016

Crimson colored Rainbow Wings

♩ ♬
On a night when soft clouds lightly hid the moon
I somehow wandered into a small, dusty room

Candlelight... growing closer, farther, then closer again
My burning heart... that heart is the same in its clumsiness

Gently fluttering down 
I spread my wings by your side

"I want to see the same world"
Such a sentiment was shown through a gaze

When I touched the tip of that finger
Inexplicably, I became very warm

I don't know how long we spent together in the cold room
With a tearful face, you looked at me, who could not fly

"If I could, I would wish to forget..."
That is both the first and last lie

Warmly wrapped in your hands, I close my eyes
The flowers of snow that cover the sky are lonely flowing drops

You taught me kind feelings
You taught me sad feelings

That is more important than anything
And I won't forget

Someday, if we meet again
Surely, I'll spread my wings by your side

As soon as the snow turned to rain, the clouds will tear apart, creating a rainbow
Changing to the same, extremely beautiful color as my wings
♩ ♬

Was feeling sentimental, so I tried to do an artsy picture. The above lyrics are English translation of a beautiful song embed below, one I strongly suggest you dollz to listen. Enjoy~

Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Morphine Redlips/Bare
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Sugar Candy Eyes
Eyebrows @ .aii. - Black&White Fantasy Brow
Hair @ Truth - Ambrosia
Hand @ Clemmm - Damaged Hands
Nails @ KukuKakiKu - Silver Lining

Butterfly on face @ ..::( siratama )::.. - tyou mai
Outfit @ Tentatcio & .antielle. - Rabbit in the Moon Lolita Yukata RARE

Sakura in a bottle @ [Soul Mates] - Sakura Sake Dama Box [Creators Collection Box gift]*free
Tree @ 8f8 - Chinese Lantern Tree Branch
Light drapes @ AIR - Light [Creators Collection Box gift]*free

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