Sunday 7 August 2016

Between Ice and Water

He is my origin
As I am to him
From him I gain my powers
And with mine he gain his
We are one like an hourglass
Without one we are incomplete

For quite a while now, I have promised a friend of mine to do collaboration and finally after so long we are able to xD With a long series of crashes of course. You dollz can check out his version over here as well. 

I hope you dollz enjoy this mellow post while I prepare myself for another blogging mojo! :D See you in the next post~

Aarya (Left)
Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Morphine/RedLips/Freckles
Eyes @ -CIRCUS- - Hello Eyes/Blue
Eyelashes @ Glam Affair - Dahlia Lashes/White
Hair @ A&Y - Electric Rain Multicolor

Head @ .aii. - Deep Sea Queen/Seaweed/non-scripted [lucky board] *free
Neck @ OXIDE - Hesi Metal Necklace
Dress @ Meli Imako - Mesh Bridal Corset with Tutu Skirt

Kurai (Right)
Body Pixels
Skin @ +Nuuna+ - Fen White
Make up @ +Nuuna+ - Lyre makeup/White
Hair @ Little Bones - Nancy

Headdress @ PFC - Blood Crown
Horn @ .aii. - Incubus Horns White
Neck @ Death Row Design - Anarchy Necklace
Nails @ [CerberusXing] - Lethal Talons/Sliver
Pants @ :;GABRIEL:: - Color denim pants/White

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