Thursday 31 May 2018


When they mistake you as the innocent bunny girl when you're actually the dangerous fox girl.

I swear I had a something going on for this picture lol, I've been busy trying to balance my RL work and SL work. Do expect something for sale real soon! Hopefully you dollz will like it as much as I do~

Highlight of the picture is the new collaboration between [CerberusXing] and ALTAIR* which is the gorgeous Bunny Suit for previous round of ROMP. Also available in more colours to suit all taste of course~ The body tattoo is new updated Okami Amaterasu V2 by The White Crow for the current round of Whimsical, if you buy it now, you dollz will get both the old and new version of the tattoo, includes a bunch of face tattoo varieties matching the body tattoo. The juicy lips are from .::Cubic Cherry::. {Britny} Lipstick set, comes in red shades pack and crazy shades pack. Pick which every you desire~ And lastly, my new batliner set that will be coming out really soon, do look forward for it!

Body Pixels
Hair @ Wasabi - Marcus / resized for FEM
Skin @ Glam Affair - Theresa / Artic
Head @ CATWA - Catya v3.0
Eye @ CURELESS[+] - Wednesday Circle Lens *past FLF
Eyeliner @ +Jigokucho+ - Glitter Batliner / Kuro Pack *coming soon
Lips @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Britny} Lipstick
Body + Face Tattoo @ The White Crow - Okami Amaterasu v2 [Whimsical, June 18th] *new

Outfit @ ALTAIR* & [CerberusXing] - bunny suit .leather. / choker / cuff *new
Tail @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - ninetail fox natural / RARE

{konpeitou} - pose collection 4 *free

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