Tuesday 9 February 2021

MainFrame - Streets

The assignment today was especially difficult but it was no matter for her.

Commissions are given, her job is to execute it, no matter what.

Of course, provided that the clients completes the required payments first and foremost.

And tonight was no exception.

Taking by herself after, she took out her prized stash, an original nicotine cigarette.

Lighting it up with an antique zippo, taking a long, slow drag.

Habits do die hard, 

Tonight her brain needed the nostalgic drug, heavily illegal as it may be in the current world.

Just a long drag of the drug to forget and reminisce for a moment.

Something that her cybernetic brain would protest when she sleep later.

Habits do really die hard. 

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Body Pixels
Hair @ KMH - Hair CP006 | Female | Unrigged-Mirror [MainFrame, ends February 13th] *new
Skin @ Glam Affair - Sasha skin | Artic 02 A
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Cyborlyte Eyes | Blush M
Eyeshadow @ Gorsimi - Strut Shadows | Lelutka [Midnight Order, ends February 20th] *new
Lips @ CIRCUS - Luci Lipstick
Body Tattoo @ Nefekalum Tattoos - Decommissioned | Red // Tattoo [MainFrame, ends February 13th] *new


Neck @ Li Li's Monsta Designs - Cyber Collar [MainFrame, ends February 13th] *new
Outfit @ Blossom&Seeds - Novak Body ML | Glow [MainFrame, ends February 13th] *new
Fingers @ [CerberusXing] - Shredder Claws | Onyx 

Pose n Props

Hand @ CUREMORE - Shinjuku Rioters | Cigarette Pink
Companion @ Solares - ZAP-01 | Red | Common [MainFrame, ends February 13th] *new
Pose @ Unholy Duality - Eeve | Pose 4 | Mirror
 [MainFrame, ends February 13th] *new

Location @ Insilico

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