Wednesday 31 March 2021

Engine Room - The Girl and Her Tank


Hope was diminishing, the war was dragging far too long.
And for what? What objective does this achieve?
For whose pleasure does these blood sacrifice appease?

This war is dragging for far too long,
Innocent eyes cry towards the deaf void,
Greedy of more blood,

This war has taken away too much,
Loves and lives,
Laughter and lie,
Things that make it all worthwhile,
Gone to ashes,
And so,
I will end this war.

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And now the fourth round of Engine Room has opened, since the 20th March actually, however real life have been too goddamn busy. I barely had time to sit down and do my creative work. Am breaking some habits to make this work for me, myself and I.

Body pixels

Skin @ My UglyDorothy - Freebie Skin *old item
Hair @ Bonbon - Cobi Hair
Eyeshadow @ *The Stringer Mausoleum* - Blowback Makeup | BOM | Tintable Darker [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Eyes @ A.D.D - Forge Eyes | Green [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Body Tattoo @ The White Crow - Survivor | Dirty
Hands @ CURELESS [+] - Tin Doll Hands | Gunmetal


Head @ LANEVO - Deadly Drive Mask [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Outfit @ : : : classical *Cute *clothing : : : - Page Girl Bolero + Pants + Top [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Legs @ Hotdog - Gaiter boots | Maitreya | Fatpack [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new

Prop & Pose

Pose @ Clemmm - 30 Pose group gift | Clem 1
In Hand @ +SEKAI+ - Pipe Wrench | Fatpack [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Companion @ *Arts & Gear* - Steam Walker ANIMA 
[Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new


Teleport to Wasteland

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