Thursday 17 June 2021

The Electric Madonna


The Electric Madonna demanded to be worshipped like a God. Her power was truly amazing. Thanks to a vast fortune, she could afford to be immortal. Her mind was digitally copied and backed-up to multiple orbiting satellites. 

And if her body was destroyed, she could easily upload into one of her vast collection of cloned bodies. 

But she didn’t start out this way. 

Hundreds of years ago, she was a humble and devout religious leader. But as the saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

Now she saw herself as the judge over life and death, right and wrong. 

There was no higher crime than to dare to question her divinity or judgement. 

She brought swift electric final death to anyone who dared to challenge her.

She demanded to be shown to the world and accept nothing but perfection

Body pixels

Hair  @ Moon Hair - Zim | Size 1
Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 2.5
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Endorphine | SAND | Bare
Eyes @ .Emotional Circus. - It Girl Eyes | Yellow
Chest Tattoo @ Aii - Somnium's Wake Tattoo | Gold
*VIP group gift
Eyeshadow + Lips @ La Malvada Mujer - Mosquito Eyeshadow + Lipstick [marketplace]
Arm @  CURELESS[+] - Pygmalion's Bride | M | Galatea Glove | RARE [mainstore]
Leg @ CURELESS[+] - Pygmalion's Bride | M | Galatea Legs | MARBLE [mainstore]


Head @ ::Static:: - Suncrest Tiara | White Fur [mainstore]
Neck @ //Naberius// - The Manticore Collar 
Dress @ CURELESS[+] - Pygmalion's Bride | M | Galatea Bridal Gown | RARE [mainstore]
Arm FX @ ::Static:: - Thunder Goddess' Bolts [mainstore]
Feets @ CURELESS[+] - Pygmalion's Bride | M | Feet Wraps Exclusive | BLACK [mainstore]

Props & Poses

Back @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Helios} halo | GOLD [mainstore]
Pillar @ [CURELESS+HOME] - Karyatis Pillar | FATPACK | M [mainstore]
Pose @ Konpeitou - Pose Collection 3 | queen of heart [mainstore]

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