Wednesday 26 January 2022

Midnight Order - Necromancer's Assistance

Solonance, the House of Mordred, School of Dark Arts, hidden under many incantations that only gives way to those wishing to study the diabolical aptitude of one self. For those who found their proficiency in where many shun away from. For those who only wants to be accepted.

This apostle welcomes you.

A haggard figure, sneakily searching in the Restricted Area of the Old Library. Looking for the one book that could fulfill their undying retaliation. For their family, nothing runs thicker than blood. 

Turning into another row of heavily dusty bookshelves, a silhouette was waiting. A familiar silhouette. A quite famed individual in the school. Someone who has high affinity with the Necromancing Arts despite her seemingly innocent attire.

Someone who is has the book that they want, the book with very few copies exist in the world. With a mischievous smile, she offers her own assistance with the forbidden ritual. Only if she was to tag along with the plan until the end.

Peculiar request. But who are they to finally able to take the next step towards revenge?

Midnight Order Event

What are your wishes, dollz?

Body pixels

Hair @ Lamb - Cupid
Bangs @ BonBon - Reiko Bang A-L | Unrig
Head @ VCO - Elf Head | Bad Elf
Skin @ VCO - Light Elf Body


Hat @ Insomnia Angel - Quilting Winter Hat + Self edit
Face @ konpeitou - Frill eyepatch
Dress @ Toksik - Capriccio Blouse + Skirt | Lara Petite [Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new
Hand @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Momentum} Gloves | PINK | BOM
Rings @ Schadenfreude - Circle Mix Geo Ring Set 2 | Maitreya 
[Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new
Legs @ ::C'est la vie!:: - Starry Tights | Purple | BOM
Feet @ Violent Seduction - Rhea Boots Midday | Maitreya

Prop & Pose

Pose @ konpeitou - Pose collection 3 - lean1

In Hand @ IVY - Helping Book 2 | Fatpack [Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new
Props @ Quills & Curiosities - Den of Inquiry | Glass Bookshelf + Scattered Papers + Book Stack
Pixicat - Spellbook | Flying Papers

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