Saturday 2 August 2014

Kiara, Cursed Enforcer

Once was a human, Kiara used to led numerous operations during raids of WWII. Her feared success led her to a secret experimentation to mass-produce vampire soldiers at the disposal of her own Commanders to completely destroy their enemy. And they wanted Kiara to be the first guinea pig. The experiment was a success, however Kiara awoke with the fresh instinct to kill and a great thrist for the blood. The whole lab was her dinner that night, alerting the Elders of Cursed. Swiftly, they put her to sleep and brought her to the City of the Dead.

She honed her skill in Cursed and became a part of the Enforcer group that hunts for the new vampires to be brought back to Cursed. Time flies ever so fast and the numbers of vampire left in the outside world became scarce. The recent live-broadcast of Battle Bots brought attention to them, finally noticing the young man who is ripping limb after limb of the destroyed EVA in desperation is that one vampire they're searching for. Sending a silent call for vampires, Kiara and her partner readies for the battle to retrieve that captured vampire before he will be killed by Kujo.  

Once again I'm collabing with Dev for his story of the Cursed A.N.G.E.L, you dollz just must check it out since he made some awesome series for ROMP event as well. A little warning for you cuties to get ready some tissue aside as well~ Kukukuku

Hair @ LaNoir Soleil - Cinda
Skin @ Essence - Jamie Light tone
Eyes @ Pin Me Down - All About the Eyes Ruby
Eyeshadow @ Pin Me Down - All About the Liner Ruby
Lips @ Sn@tch - Underworld Makeup Bloody Lips
Necklace @ Nocturnal Couture - Bohemian Ossuary necklace Dark Pearls
Dress @ Peqe - Dominace
Gloves @ AdamEve - Opera SLink gloves Black
Crown @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Chained Regalia Crown
Shoes @ Praxis - Diva Heels Skully
Wings @ Sn@tch - Mini Bat Wing

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