Sunday 26 July 2020

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[...Welcome, New User...]
[...We are MainFrame...]
[...Do you have regrets in your past?...]
[...Do you wish to redo a decision?...]
[...Do you desire a different path of life?...]
[...We are here to help you for your visions to be true...]
[...Are you prepared to sacrifice the equivalent exchange?...]
[...Will you help us in our visions as well?...]
[..Welcome to MainFrame...]

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Well, a full year have gone by without a pep from myself to you all readers, I have returned. And for that I am deeply apologize for the complete radio silence. I needed time for myself as the performance of my laptop was steadily deteriorating from more than 7 years of usage. I had to take to focus on myself mentally and financially so that I would be able to return with fresh mind and a much better upgraded machine to play with. I hope I can continue to work with current updates and improve myself as well. Now unto the event!

MainFrame is an event that is themed around, you guessed it, Sci-Fi and CyberPunk! I was very honored to be able to cover this event as soon I was able to return to Second Life, all thanks to a good friend that believed in me so hard <3 The event started at 20th July SLT and will be on going until 13th August SLT. I will try my best in covering the event and showcasing the products as well as I can be with this new shiny machine of mine.

Highlights of the picture are, Jessie Metallic Wig by [Aleutia] that is a very unique take on the futuristic hair fashion. The wig can be modified to other selective colors to suit perhaps an android of your own, as well as the other parts can be changed to 3 metals. The eyes you see in the picture is by VAIN called Blind Cyber Eyes in Blue, the pair also sold in total of 9 other colors as well at the event in the form of system eyes, mesh eyes and Omega applier. Now the cool face piece featured is by Madame Noir named Robotic Glasses and it is much more cooler in-world with the animated lights on the wire pieces. I have yet to learn machinima to show you dollz but definitely head over to the event booth to check it out as a demo prop is also available for display. Gamma Colar by {Inner Demons} is what the neck piece is and it also comes with RLV Peanut No. 9 script. Sold in 5 other patterns in light or dark themes. The back piece that you see is Neon Strings Halo made by Unstable. for the event that is compatible with Nanite System (not sure what it is yet but I'll ask around) and available other pretty neon colors for the glow along with other metal finishes of the handle. Rest of the credits down below and this time I will see you dollz in next post very soon~

Body Pixels
Hair @ [Aleutia] - Jessie Metallic Wig [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new
Skin @ Glam Affair - Grazia Skin | In the Air | Polar 01 NB
Eyes @ VAIN - Blind Cyber Eyes | Blue [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new
Lips @ {S0NG} - Fluffy Lipstick
Body Tattoo @ NOAM - catalysm tattoo | fresh [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new

Face piece @ Madame Noir - Robotic Glasses [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new
Neck @ {Inner Demons} - Gamma Collar | Light2 [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new
Top @ *Milkyway* - Vert Suit [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new
Back @ Unstable. - Neon Strings Halo [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new

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