Saturday 15 August 2020

MainFrame - The Glitch will be Televised



Where dreams come true

Pure ones

And even the filthy ones

Depends on how wiling you are to make it come true

It will be done

It took a lot for Ferah to rise to the fame that she possess now

Too much for it to crumble

Over a simple plain stalker that dreams to be with her

No matter

The new deadly bodyguard should do the trick

If not, well the MainFrame awaits for new wiling hosts

Where the simulated Heaven can turn into Nightmare with a glitch

MainFrame Event

MainFrame Website

MainFrame Group Flickr

MainFrame Seraphim Catalouge

Oh no, I kinda missed out on posting on time for the ending of MainFrame. However the items I'm sure will be available at their respective mainstores. I will be listing their in-world location as best I could. This was a very fun  collaboration with my bestie, DevinVaugh of BishieStyleSL blog, despite the evil time zone. We both used the same base pictures and set unto making the final edits in our own different styles. Took me a bit more time since real life part-time job is very irregular and the fatigue caught up with me a bit.

Some of the highlights in the pictures are, this beautiful Daela Dress by ERSCH with stunning wiring across the front of the dress. The dress itself with fatpack option, has a load of mix and match potentials. I myself was lost to which shade of gold wiring to choose for the scene above. The pretty floating Plasmorphic Wings are made by AMBIX// with various colour mix and match for each detail piece of the wings. I am also wearing {Aiko} geta and tabi set by [Cubic Cherry] but it's not that visible since it's hidden a bit behind the bodyguard's wings but I will be doing another picture featuring the set soon so you dollz can see it as it's full latex glory. Fu fu fu

Also, the pod used in the scene is XB-Pod Set made by Cerridwen's Claudron. It comes in black and white base and high and low LOD versions. Rest of the credits down below and I hope to see you dollz in the next post~

On her, Ferah the Cyber Idol

Body Pixels
Hair @ A&Y - Lucia Cyber Hair
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Haemoglobine Skin | Maitreya | Porcelain
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes | Chrome - Red
Eyeshadow @ [CerberusXing] - Trixxy Eyeshadow set
Lips @ La Malvada Mujer - Lady Ketamine Lips set
Body Tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Synthetic Angels | Transangelism | OMEGA | Rare

Outfit @ ERSCH - Daela Dress | Lara | Fatpack [mainstore]
Back @ AMBIX// - Plasmorphic Wings [mainstore]
Arms @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Ekion} arm augment GLOW | mait
Legs @ [Cubic Cherry} - {Aiko} - geta BLACK v.2 

Pose n Props
Behind @ Cerridwen's Claudron - XB-Pod Set | Black | High LOD [mainstore]
Pose @ Insomnia Angels - Colour pose 6 *group gift
Background @ Insilico

On him, the SAW bodyguard

Guest appearance @ DevinVaugh - BishieStyleSL blog

For a complete stylecard and his version of the story, visit the post in BishiStyleSL blog.

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