Monday 19 April 2021

Engine Room - Dance with the Ripper

Dance with me

Dance with your last breath

Dance as you see death in your sight

Isn't He beautiful?

It's your time now

Won't you rejoice?

You are embracing the same fates that you judge upon us

Us who you see imperfect

Us who you deem a failure

Us who you decided to genocide

Dance with me

Dance as we rejoice His embrace

I will take you

To meet the others

To us

Dance with me

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I might went a little over on a creepy side

Body pixels

Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Morphine | Natural/Freckles
Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 2.5
Hair @ .Shi - Juxta | Mono
Eyeshadow @ -Emotional Circus- - Bella Muerte Eyeshadow | Helena Dead + Revenge colour [mainstore]
Lips @ -Emotional Circus- - Bella Muerte Lipstick - Lelutka [mainstore]
Eyes @ Lilithium - Eyes Vol II - Bom/Lel/Genus [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Body Tattoo @ -Emotional Circus- - Fated One Tattoo 100% V.1
Face + Body cuts @ Absinthe! - Apocalyptic Wounds | Full Set Cuts only [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Thigh garter @ Suicidal Unborn! - Gartered Legs | Medium 2 *group gift


Forehead @ RichB - The Third Eye [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Outfit @ *:..Silvery K..:* - Steam Dancarina Jacket + Pants + Clock decoration [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Chest @ The White Crow - Spycam 6000PxFs | Chest | Blk/Blodd [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Hand @ Skellybones - Rayne Claws | Maitreya [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Legs @ Hotdog - Gaiter boots | Maitreya [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new

Prop & Pose

Pose @ {Imeka} - Ballet | pose 5
Left + Right @ [ContraptioN] - Decor | Naudamm Deco Fountain | Gold
Bodies @ [ContraptioN] - Props | Wrapped Corpse Set *group gift
Rug @ Bargain Bazaar - Murder Under The Rug
Behind @ Architect - Solaris Set | Buffet + Lamp + Sconce + Wall Art [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new

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