Tuesday 14 February 2023

Midnight Order - The Story of Aelith

Story created by ChatGPT with the prompt 

"A brief story about A high noble lady that got corrupted with blind devotion, in the style of Elden Ring"

Once upon a time, in a kingdom shrouded by mists and overshadowed by towering mountains, there lived a high noble lady named Aelith. She was known for her unmatched beauty, grace, and wisdom, but above all, for her unshakable devotion to the mysterious and all-powerful deity known only as The Presence.

Aelith spent her days in quiet contemplation, offering prayers and offerings to The Presence, seeking its favor and guidance. And in time, her devotion was rewarded. The Presence spoke to her in visions, revealing secrets of the world and the power that could be hers if she but served it with all her heart.

Blinded by her love and admiration for The Presence, Aelith began to do its bidding, no matter the cost. She ordered the construction of a grand temple in its honor, and commanded her subjects to offer their utmost devotion to The Presence as well. Those who resisted were punished severely, their lands and wealth taken from them, their families cast into poverty.

But as the years passed, Aelith's once-fair kingdom began to crumble. The mists thickened, hiding dark secrets and dangers within. Strange, otherworldly creatures roamed the land, terrorizing the people. And worst of all, The Presence seemed to demand ever more sacrifices and offerings, until the kingdom was left barren and desolate.

Despite all this, Aelith refused to turn from her devotion. She saw the suffering of her people and the destruction of her kingdom, but could not bring herself to believe that The Presence was the cause. Instead, she insisted that their misfortunes were merely tests of faith, and that the reward for their devotion would come in due time.

But as the last embers of hope flickered out, and the kingdom was consumed by darkness, a small band of rebels rose up against Aelith and her tyranny. In a final, desperate battle, they confronted her in the temple, determined to end her rule and bring an end to The Presence's corruption.

In the end, Aelith fell, but not before she realized the terrible truth. The Presence was not a benevolent deity, but a cruel and manipulative force, using her devotion for its own gain. And as she lay dying, Aelith wept for all that she had lost, for the kingdom and the people she had once loved.

And so, the kingdom was left to pick up the pieces, and the memory of Aelith and her blind devotion served as a cautionary tale, a warning of the dangers of surrendering one's will to a higher power.

Midnight Order Event

Tried the ChatGPT software to see how it perform and not going to lie, its terrifying on how good the story is composed. I did not do any correction of the story writing and just wanna showcase how advanced the AI programming goes with just few months since it's debut. There are many conflicting opinions regarding the existence right now, I feel like waiting for further development on this matter.

Body pixels

Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 3.1
Hair @ Usagi Society - Blyss Hair | M [Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new
Skin @ Glam Affair - Ari | Lelutka EvoX | Fair B
Tears @ Emotional Circus - Helena Tears [mainstore]
Lips @ Emotional Circus - Helena Lipstick [mainstore]
Finger shape @ .Aii. - Demonic Touch 
Fingers @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Soft Touch} Finger Fades Black | BOM [mainstore]
Body Tattoo  @ +Nuuna+ - Silmad V1 Black 90% [Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new


Face @ [SOMNIUM] - Seraphim's Gaze | Pestilence [Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new
Neck + Shoulders @ Artemisia - Mantel of Divinity set [Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new
Hand @ Drunken Brokkr - Vonnika Hand Jewelry set [Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new
Body @ UNA - Yuri Dess | Lara | Green [Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new
Back + Halo @ .Aii. - Starfire Angel wings + Halo
Arm + Torso particles @ ::Static:: - Fae Embers | Arms + Torso [mainstore]

Prop & Pose

Sword @ En Pointe - Illusive Demise | Solid [Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new

Skybox @ LuluB! - Inferno | Fx [Midnight Order, ends February 20th*new

Pose @ Clemmm - Group gift pose 30 + Black Dragon poser edit 

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