Wednesday 12 March 2014

Honey Comb

When Siddean released her forever teased new mesh head, it took the SL fashion world by storm. Literally. Even though the head looks the same on every avatar, yet it look different on how they wear it and stylize it. With the upcoming new appliers for the head, I'm sure there will lot's more option and styles to fit every taste!

When I meet up with my lovely friend, Maci, with her mesh head, finally I felt what others were getting crazy for. The mesh head is such a perfection! Even the shadow cast on the face is soft! Ops... I think I blabbered a tad bit too much.

Anyways, I've been wanting to take pictures with this sweet little face and she was so sweet and patient through out the session too. Even though we had a little problem with the pose, [laugh]. I meant to do a bit more collaborating posts this month, just to wind down from the mentally abusing Twisted Hunt. So.... yeah hope you enjoyed it, my dollz!

My Styling [Right]
Hair @ {Rumina} - Alyssa [Group gift]
Skin @ MERCURY - Margarita [Actuality Store Hunt]
Eyes @ Langly - Blue [Actuality Store Hunt]
Lipstick @ -MR- Frutty Lip#4 [Actuality Store Hunt]
Cardigan @ Langly - cardigan [Actuality Store Hunt]
Pants @ Langly - black jeans [Actuality Store Hunt]
Boots @ {MV} - Covenant Heels Onyx
Gloves @ Izzie's - Short Laced Glove [coming soon]
Nails @ ~By Snow~ - Nightshade 

Maci's Styling [Left]

Pose @ Label Motion - My Friend

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