Wednesday 19 November 2014

Alice High School - Bunny En' Rose

Students of Alice High School are generally dressed in dark, black horror. However, Bunny wanted to be different. She skipped the black for something opposite, white. Her hair is natural white as the descendant of White Rabbit. Her first day wearing such clothes became the talk of the whole Alice High School. The white seem to cover her evilness and seemed more intimidating that a Reaper. Her style is known as a rebel towards the Gothic Horror.

Bounce! Bounce! Here comes the White Rabbit! Or rather... just his descendant... lol. The bunny ears by ALTAIR* is available for CosplaySL event right now. The bows and dice could change colour separately for 101 combos.  This Alice Project was part of free advent gifts last year. Be sure to keep an eye of them this year! Knitting dress comes with 6 texture HUD and the lace can the change from black and white for this cute autumn season. The poster behind me is from [ freebird ] Down into Rabbit Hole event that just ended but you can still play gacha to get it. This bunny bounce out! Until the next post, dollz~

Hair @ Alice Project - Mika II Frosted [Advent Gift 2013]
Skin @ Mother Goose - MiChi III [Lucky Board]
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Murky Ghost Eye
Eyepatch @ +SOMALI+ - Eyepatch
Headwear @ ALTAIR* - Rabi en Rose [CosplaySL event]
Necklace @ ALTAIR* - Hime Collar
Dress @ Nomi - Knitting Lace [Fit for a Princess event]
Shoes @ eden.flow - Spiked Sneakers "Pacific Blue" [past hunt gift]
Backpack @ The Horror! - Koffin Backpack

Holdable Bunny @ Blackeri - bloody Grey Bunni Huggie
Bunnys @ Nuville - Bunnicula Black + Purple + Ghost
Chair @ ~Tableau Vivant~ - Bunny chair
Poster @ [ freebird ] - Wonderland Collection Picture~Begin then Stop

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