Saturday 1 November 2014

Journey of The Dead

They say death is the end, a nothingness. Some say we go to the heavens above, and the wicked, to the hell below. Some even say, that there is a new journey after death, a new experience to be explored. Is it or true or not, depends on each of you... Goodnight

Mexico is celebrating Day of the Dead. I'm mostly fascinated by the fashion and the care of the people for the dead. It seem to be a very cheerful celebration day and maybe one day I get to travel there to feel and observe the culture! :'D

Hair @ Exile - Rain [past Arcade]
Skin @ PixyStix - Candy Skull [past MM gift]
Eyes @ Nocturnal - Infected Eyes
Body Tattoo @ Aim Lesz Tatts - Beautiful Spring
Outfit @ RIR Life - Gypsy [past group gift]
Headdress @ PaperMoon - Autumn Moon

Book @ Pixicat - Spellbook Dark
Flying Paper @ Pixicat - Part of the Spellbook set

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