Monday 3 November 2014

Dark Souls, Red Cello

Twins have a particularly special bond. It is believed that it's because they are one soul split into two. Belladonna Kuro and Rose Kuro was the children of a famous musician family. They were celebrated and acclaimed through out the world as the 'Genius Twins', having to master playing the cello together at the age of barely 8 years old. The twins continued to make their family proud as they make performance after performance all over the world.

However fame does come with it's shadow. An old enemy of the family awaited for the twins to reach the ripe age of 16, and he attacks without mercy. Slaughtering each family member, burning down the mansion, all in front of the two pairs of eyes. He took the traumatized twins to a forgotten temple, using their red liquid to summon a forbidden ritual. A greedy ritual to transfer all the talents to him. Mercilessly, he broke and cut each limbs of the twins as offering. Before the moment where the man tore the head fully, a mysterious man came save them. That man, a vampire fan of the twins, managed to transfer their souls into the dead. However, the limbs were replaced with doll parts found at that temple. 

The twins awoke as cursed doll, to the dark world.

Ohhhh when I got the shiny new cello by ~*Souzou.Eien*~ I knew Dev would have the coolest idea based of Still Doll song. The cello will be available at We <3 RP starting Nov 4th and the wood can be changed to 3 other colours. There is also an elegant stool and cello case to go with the set. It was a fun project and it is the first I used the old COCO doll head for a blog post. It's quite refreshing and I really it. They are still available as group gift at COCO doll shop outlet. For the credits of Belladonna Kuro and the continuation of the story, head to BishiStyleSL! Until the next time, dollz~

Styling as Rose Kuro
Hair + Headress @ Truth - Ambrosia [available at Uber]
Head @ COCO - Adele ClosedEyes [group gift]
Skin @ Lara Hurley - Riah [Halloween gift]
Face Jewel @ The Horror! - Young Jewel Red
Dress @ Meli Imako - Mesh High Seas Pirate Corset
Body Tattoo @ ALTAIR* - Cracked Doll
Wings @ Trap - Black Riven Wings
Shoe @ NaNa - Tori Ballet 
Gloves @ Izzie's - Lace short gloves
Rings @ Fujiwara World - Cutie Skully Ring [Hunt Gift]
Nails @ A:S:S - Black on black
Cello @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - The Master's Cello [soon at We <3 RP]

Styling as Belladonna Kuro

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